¶ This is a list of online databases, catalogues, projects, images, video, reference works, &c, for the study of early modern plays at the intersection of performance and print. Two caveats: (1) it is not an exhaustive list; and (2) it is meant to supplement—not replace—scholarship published in more traditional venues such as journals, edited collections, and monographs.  ¶ Some of the resources focus on textual iterations of plays, while others are more interested in performance. Many, in their own ways, illuminate and/or post questions about dramatic bi-modality.  ¶ A number of these resources are only accessible via an institutional subscription. In these cases, I have linked to Penn State's access portal.  ¶ Finally, thank you to colleagues who have collected and shared many of these links on their own sites—see the blog section below, for example—as well as to those who have alerted me to newly completed and in-progress projects of interest. As always, if you know of a resource that's not on this list but you think should be, please don't hesitate to let me know!


Databases and digitized books that help track the publication of plays in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Database of Early English Playbooks (DEEP)

Transcript of the Stationers’ Register (1554-1640) (via Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections)

Transcript of the Stationers’ Register (1640-1708) (via Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections)

British Book Trade Index (BBTI)

London Book Trades (LBT)

Dictionaries of Printers and Booksellers in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of Foreign Printers of English Books, 1557-1640 (McKerrow) (via HathiTrust)

Dictionary of the Booksellers who were at Work in England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1641-1667 & 1668-1725 (via Internet Archive)

Printers & Publishers' Devices in England & Scotland, 1485-1640 (McKerrow) (via


A couple of resources to help find and view all kinds of manuscripts, including ones of and related to early modern plays. 

digital texts & IMAGES

Sites that feature full texts—whether facsimiles, transcriptions, or high-resolution images—of early modern plays. (See Sarah Werner's helpful post about reuse policies for digital image collections, in particular.) 

online catalogues

General catalogues of early printed books, as well as those of specific libraries with remarkable sixteenth- and seventeenth-century drama holdings. 


Tools to study the language, makers, geographies, social networks, &c, of early modern plays.


Blogs that often deal with text, performance, &/or the remediation of early modern drama.

The Collation (Folger)

Anchora (Adam G. Hooks)

Wynken de Worde (Sarah Werner)

dispositio (Holger Schott Syme)

asidenotes (Eoin Price)

Wine Dark Sea (Jonathan Hope, Michael Witmore, et al.)

Heather Froehlich

The Bookfish (Steve Mentz)

The Bardathon (Peter Kirwan)

Vade Mecum (Andrew S. Keener)