Typographies of Performance in Early Modern England (forthcoming from Oxford University Press, 110,000 words)

Tracing the role of typography in the formation of early modern English plays from Tudor moralities to the 1709 edition of Shakespeare’s Works, Typographies of Performance demonstrates that page design experiments in early modern playbooks emerged in a feedback loop with the stage and helped account for certain non-lexical qualities and effects of plays in performance.

Accidental Shakespeare (in progress)

Accidental Shakespeare investigates how the New Bibliographic orthodoxy of distinguishing “substantive” features of early printed plays (words) from “accidental” features (punctuation, spelling, and anything else affecting the “formal presentation” of the text) has shaped the editing and study of Shakespeare. By attending to shifting theories of what constitutes error in textual production, Accidental Shakespeare approaches the fact and concept of textual “accident” in a variety of pre-modern and modern contexts to show that conceptions of “Shakespeare” have always been contingent on the uses of and attitudes towards “accidents” in the printed texts of his plays and poems.  

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edited collection

Shakespeare / Text  (The Arden Shakespeare, Bloomsbury, under contract)

Drawing on methods from book history, bibliography, theater studies, editorial theory, library science, the digital humanities, and literary criticism, Shakespeare / Text sets new agendas for the study and use of the Shakespearean text. Written by twenty leading experts on textual matters, each essay challenges a single entrenched binary—such as book/theater, source/adaptation, text/paratext, canon/apocrypha, sense/nonsense, extant/ephemeral, material/digital, and original/copy—that has come to both define and limit the way we read, analyze, teach, perform, and edit Shakespeare today.


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