Deranged Verse: Inter-Media Arrangement in Seventeenth-Century England #mla16 #s740

I am pleased to say that "Deranged Verse: Inter-Media Arrangement in Seventeenth-Century England" has been accepted for MLA 2016 in Austin! Below you will find the proposal for this special session. If it piques your interest, I hope that you'll consider attending, or at least follow along on Twitter (#mla16 #s619) in January. 

This special session explores the dynamic, interactive feedback loops between dramatic, musical, manuscript, and print media from Donne to Dryden. Focusing on how dramaturgical practices find their way into printed playbooks, how musical performance shapes the presentation of print authorship, and how informal manuscript gatherings lend structures to later volumes of lyrics, we aim to show the tentative, stop-gap, even improvisatory ways in which literary genres are fashioned through their media of transmission

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